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Eye Patches

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When your eyes develop puffiness, dark circles, and other signs of stress and strain, it’s time to find a way to revive them. Pixi can help you get your eyes looking their natural best with our specially formulated under-eye gel patches. Made with natural ingredients, you can use these soothing eye patches daily or whenever your eyes need a pick-me-up! 


Hydrogel: A Simple Solution to Eye Care 

Hydrogel patches are the modern way to deliver a concentrated eye care formula directly to the undereye area in a pleasant, relaxing way. Each hydrogel pad is packed with hydrating ingredients that help to nourish your skin with essential moisturizers. They feel soft to the touch, and you can even store them in the refrigerator to enjoy a refreshing compress for the eyes. Gel patches remain on the skin until you gently remove them. 


Reduce Dark Circles and Puffiness 

Do you constantly deal with dark circles and/or puffiness underneath your eyes? If so, you are in good company. These common issues often lead to tired-looking eyes, even when you’re not feeling as tired. So, what’s the Pixi solution? Our DetoxifEYE hydrogel patches address these two pesky beauty problems with the help of energizing caffeine, soothing cucumber, and other nourishing ingredients that contribute to eliminating those dark circles and puffiness. 


Lift and Rejuvenate 

Have we mentioned how important hydration is for the undereye area? One of the best ways to deliver a quick boost of much-needed moisture is with under eye patches made with rejuvenating Acacia collagen and energizing caffeine. Our wonderful FortifEYE hydrogel patches contain these two essential ingredients, plus, nourishing peptides for uplifting and toning. This formula is great for reducing those undereye bags that contribute to an underwhelmingly tired look. Say goodbye to that look as it only takes a few minutes a day to see results!