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Your Guide to Mascara Layering

Your Guide to Mascara Layering

Mascara layering has always been one of my favourite tricks to achieve a lush lash effect. After years of working as a makeup artist, I quickly discovered that a woman’s perfect formula or shade can be created with a mix of her favourite essentials! 


Step 1: Prime and Protect 

Apply our Black Lacquer Lash Primer to curled lashes. Its unique comb applicator defines and volumises each lash for the ultimate base coat. 

I love this formula because it includes ingredients like Panthenol to strengthen lashes, while Vitamin E nourishes and protects. 

PETRA’S PRO TIP: The Black Lacquer Lash Primer is multipurpose! I also love using this solo for a "no makeup" makeup look as a super-natural lash tint. Additionally, this can also be used as the final coat to set and enhance your lashes! 


Step 2: Waterproof and Lift 

“Push up” your lashes with our Lash Booster Mascara. To apply, wiggle the applicator at the root to make your lash line look thicker. As you move to the tip of your lashes, fan up and out. 

Our National Educator, Colleen, calls this mascara “hairspray for lashes” because it “fixes” the curl and keep lashes lifted all day. 

I have straight lashes and curl them every day -- this is the only mascara that holds the curl and does not budge all day for me! 


Step 3: Lengthen and Tint 

Lengthen your lashes by applying a coat of the Lengthy Fiber Mascara. The fibers will attach to your lashes and elongate your lash look! 

A couple of you lovelies on Twitter have been asking about the Lengthy Fiber Mascara’s unique formula. At first sight, you’ll notice the strand-like formula on the curved brush. You’re witnessing the fibers in the formula in action! With each layer you apply, the unique curved brush extends your lashes by laying down fibers to get that feathered, lush lash effect. 


Step 4: Define and Detail 

Complete your look by adding definition to your bottom lashes with our new Lower Lash Mascara. The super-slim applicator defines and separates each hard-to-reach lash. To apply, hold the applicator vertically and wiggle from root to tip. 

To really make your lash line look full, focus on wiggling the applicator at the lash root to apply maximum mascara there. 

PETRA’S PRO TIP: Dot Lash Line Ink in between lashes at the lash root, rather than using it as liner. Sparse lashes looks full and lush with this trick. 


Now that I’ve given you lovelies a couple of my tips and tricks on mascara layering, why not try it for yourself? 

I’d love to see your finished mascara layering looks! Follow @pixibeauty on Instagram and share your lush lash look by tagging #mascaralayering and #pixibeauty! 

(Right now, you can purchase our Black Lacquer Lash PrimerLash Booster MascaraLengthy Fiber Mascara and Lower Lash Mascara together and get 20% off. Offer expires on 9/12. It's like getting the Lower Lash Mascara for free!)

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