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NEW Skintreats

NEW Skintreats

Our freshest Skintreats are FINALLY here!! (But totally worth the wait! 😉) I am proud to present our new Retinol Tonic, Rose Glow Mist & Rose Ceramide Cream! Each of these have been worked on for a long time and finally, they are perfect! I can’t wait for you to experience them for yourselves!

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Retinol Tonic

I’m so excited to introduce the newest member of our Tonic family: Retinol Tonic! Retinol is somewhat of a miracle ingredient in so many ways. It is proven to boost collagen production (which reduces fine lines), speed up cell turnover (which brightens) & unclog pores!

I also added Peptides to further plump-up skin and Jasmine Flower to help heal & balance. If you love Glow Tonic, I can assure you that you will love this one too!

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Rose Ceramide Cream

I am thrilled to bring you another “baby” I have been working on – the ultimate every day moisturiser! Rose Ceramide Cream is packed full of nourishing ingredients including Rose & Rosemary Oil. I added Ceramides to restore moisture level, fortify the skin & to help protect against free radicals. Ceramides are also well known to minimize skin-sensitivity and help treat eczema. After you’ve used a serum, apply a coin size amount of this favourite all over the face, neck and décolletage.

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Rose Glow Mist

Finally, for all of you who are in love with our Glow Mist – I bring you- our new Rose Glow Mist! Rose based and antioxidant-rich, this glow-enhancing elixir nourishes with 7 pure flower oils, Argan & Avocado oil.

I love that you can enjoy this favourite before makeup to seal in moisture or after makeup to set & add a dewy finish. You can also apply anytime to give the skin a botanical boost of hydration.

Every time we present new favourites to you all, I LOVE seeing your PixiGlows! Don’t forget to tag us in all of your photos on Instagram (@PixiBeauty) using these new must-haves. Also, be sure to read our latest blog all about our NEW Colour favourites! (I am SO excited for you all to see them! 😉



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