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Pixi Perfect Bridal Makeup

Pixi Perfect Bridal Makeup

Most brides say the wedding day goes by in a flash, so you want to ensure your makeup stays put from day to night with minimal touchups. In our last post, I shared my Pixi Bridal Skincare regimen to achieve that Pixi glow on your big day. Today, we are sharing tips on our our Pixi Perfect must-haves to create a long-lasting beautiful bridal makeup!

Pixi Beauty flawless beauty primer
Pixi’s No. 1 Wedding Makeup Essential: Flawless Beauty Primer!

Flawless Beauty Primer is a beloved must-have by our Pixi lovelies. This primer ensures your makeup stays put, keeps your skin hydrated all day, and delivers a natural luminosity. Not only does its peachy-nude tint add luster to dry skin, it hides imperfections and evens your skin tone.

Here are my favourite must-know tips for your wedding day and beyond!

- Create your most natural flawless looking skin by blending Flawless Beauty Primer + H2O Skintint.
- For a dewy luster on décolletage, arms and legs, add a few drops of Rose Oil Blend into Flawless Beauty Primer. I always apply onto my hands before I put on my rings for an evening out – it is so youth-enhancing!
- Apply after makeup on high points of the face like the cheekbones to add highlight.
- Use around or on top of lips before applying a translucent or nude gloss like LipLift Max for a natural, glow-y lip.
- If you are using a cheek gel or cream blush – mix a drop or 2 of Flawless Beauty Primer into the colour before you apply over cheeks to add an ethereal glow.

Pixi’s Global Makeup Ambassador, Amanda Bell, shares a couple of her tips below!

Pixi Beauty Bridal Makeup

- Makeup Fixing Mist can be used as a primer directly after your skincare routine if your skin is prone to excess shine, or if your wedding will be in hot/humid temperatures. Use this as the final step to lock down your makeup. Remember to mist throughout the day to keep skin hydrated!
- Use the lightest texture foundation you feel comfortable with, like Flawless Beauty Fluid or Illuminating Tint & Conceal. Then, apply the full coverage concealer in the Illuminating Tint & Conceal on top for a flawless finish.

Pixi Beauty Mascara Eyeliner

- Creating the perfect, smudge-proof lashes is essential! First, use Black Lacquer Primer to elongate and fan out your lashes. Then, apply a coat of Lash Booster Mascara for an added intense, pigmented lash look! The waterproof formula also helps for not-so-surprising tears of joy 😉
- Even if you are doing a very simple eye look, the best way to dial it up is to tightly line the upper lid. This makes lashes look lush whilst subtly defining the eyes. Try Eye Define Waterline, which is impactful but oh so seamless!

Pixi Beauty Cheek Colour

- Try MultiBalm as a base for a creamy, long-lasting colour on the apples of the cheeks. If you do want to add extra intensity, use a little Quick Fix Powder to set, and then add a hint of Glow-y Powder in Rome Rose to really sculpt and define the cheeks.
Pixi Beauty Lips

- Lip Contour Liner in Invisible is a wedding day essential. Line the lips to prevent the colour from travelling, then fill in the entire lip to prime -- it gives a great base for lipstick to adhere to.
- Here’s a trick for long-lasting lip colour. First, split a tissue so that it is super thin. After applying the 1st coat of the gel colour in GelTint & SilkGloss, blot with the tissue. It will take only extra surface pigment away, ensuring that the lip colour stays put. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times and then finish with a light glaze of gloss if you wish. GelTint & Silkgloss is the perfect combination of enduring lip colour and balm gloss!

Now that you’re prepared for glowing bridal makeup, have a look at the last bit of advice from Amanda to ensure your makeup is the last thing on your mind on the big day.

- Your wedding morning is not the ideal time to try something new. Do trial makeup in advance and take lots of photos in 2 hour increments, so you can see how the makeup is wearing or what may need retouching throughout the day.
- Ask yourself where the majority of the photos will be taken. Ideally, apply your makeup in natural light and in the light that your wedding/reception will be.
- Layers are the key to longevity with wedding makeup. Light /fine layers that build up colour will last for a sustained amount of time, opposed to thicker formulations that can wear off too quickly.
- When applying colour, blend with light circular movements to polish pigment into the skin, giving fabulous staying power.
- Highlighter looks amazing in photos but it is so easy for it to look too metallic and obvious in person. The perfect technique for it to look stunning both ways is to tap the excess product off the brush and gently sweep across the cheeks, which will give you that beautiful, lit-by-candlelight effect.

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