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#PixiPretties: Pixi + Louise Roe

#PixiPretties: Pixi + Louise Roe

#PixiPretties: Pixi + Louise Roe
Being a working mum of four, my life is nonstop. From running a company, taking care of my family and everything in between, I have limited time when it comes to doing my own makeup, which is why I’ve perfected a quick and prettifying routine, feeling more polished in under five minutes!

Louise Roe is a busy mother like me and has the same appreciation for fast, flattering, enlivening makeup. When we decided to work together for her #PixiPretties collaboration, we knew that whatever we created would need to be effective, easy to use and long-wearing. And so the Cream Rouge Palette came into being!

Louise shared with us some of her tips, tricks and favourite things about her palette – read on to hear what she had to say!

How would you describe your Cream Rouge Palette?

Louise: I would describe my palette as elegant, chic, pretty, easy to use and creamy. It’s for cheeks and lips so it’s very versatile. Good bang for your buck because you’ve got a lot of colours in there.

What do you love about your palette?

Louise: From a practical standpoint, I’ve got a lot of makeup in my dressing table that is really old. I’ve never finished them because the actual pan sizes are so huge. I thought I’d rather have a palette with a massive range of colours in smaller pans so you’re actually going to use this.

I wanted there to be colours that are versatile enough that they suit every complexion, every age, but they’re not so out there that you have to be a professional to apply them. These are flattering, feminine colours that can be mixed together to create any colour you want.

What was the inspiration behind making this palette?

Louise: I made my product specifically for women to feel more confident, less intimidated by makeup. I think you can change what you’ve done by adding a different colour, layering, not being scared of it and having a bit of fun experimenting. It’s a cream. It really wipes on and off easily if you need to change the colour.

Also, it’s fast. I think some makeup can take hours and hours. This is really quick.

Louise’s Cream Rouge Palette includes 25 deliciously creamy colours that can be used solo, mixed or layered together to create an array of bespoke shades for lips and cheeks.

Here are a few of my tips and tricks on using this palette:

• Use your finger to apply the formula – the warmth from your fingertip helps blend the colour seamlessly. Gently tap colour onto lips, then use the colour leftover on your finger and apply to your cheeks.

• To gently exfoliate lips before applying these cream colours, apply a bit of Glow Tonic on a cotton pad and gently sweep across the lips to prep them perfectly.

• After applying colour to cheeks, use a brush to pat +C VIT Glow-y Powder or +Rose Glow-y Powder on top. The powder helps to set the blush for longer wear and adds a touch of luminosity.

I can’t wait to see some of the looks you create using this palette!

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