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#PixiPretties: Pixi + Promise

#PixiPretties: Pixi + Promise

#PixiPretties: Pixi + Promise
According to Swedish folklore, a pixie is a fairy that exudes magic, mischief and femininity. During the creative process of giving life to Pixi I realized that these traits truly capture the personality and essence of my brand! Just like pixies are known for creating magic, our Skintreats and Colour products have become known and loved for doing the same to eyes, lips, cheeks and complexion.

When I think of Promise and her incredible transformations, I once again think of magic! Being the ultimate shapeshifter, Promise’s gorgeous creations are truly awe inspiring. She knows how to have fun with makeup and I was incredibly excited to work with her to create the Shapeshifter Palette for this year’s #PixiPretties Collection.

Promise shared with us some of the inspiration behind the Shapeshifter Palette – read on to see what she had to say!

How would you describe your palette?

Promise: I would describe my palette as the sculpting essential for natural to dramatic transformations. It is inclusive for everyone.

What do you love about your palette?

Promise: I was able to create something that I’ve always wanted to share with my viewers. There are so many options for contouring and highlighting—all of the shades that I use to do my transformations—and I’m so glad that I can finally share that with my audience and guide them step by step.

What is your inspiration for the product and shade names?

Promise: The inspiration for the product and shade names came from my love for my homeland Nepal. It’s a huge part of my identity and I wanted to celebrate it with this palette.

I think many people are familiar with some of the words like Karma or Spice and even Namaste, but I also wanted to include a few others that might not be as well-known. For example, Momo is my favorite food from Nepal. It’s spicy dumplings with tomato salsa – I love and can’t live without dumplings! Catmandu is another name I wanted to include. The city of Kathmandu is where I grew up for half of my childhood, but I spelled the name differently in the palette to give it a fun twist!

Promise’s Shapeshifter Palette features 9 silky soft shades to bring out your best features and sculpt them to perfection.

I love the versatility of this multi-use palette – there are so many ways to use it beyond contouring and highlighting. Here are some of my favourite ways to get creative with this palette:

• Try using the buttery powders as eyeshadows. The palette has a variety of options that can be used as base, transition and defining shades.

• To give lashes some depth, mist a liner brush with Makeup Fixing Mist before dipping into one of the deeper shades in the palette, then press your brush just at the base of your lashes.

• For maximum payoff, spritz your brush with Glow Mist before applying the powders. This creates a bit of a liquid-to-powder texture and gives your look more staying power.

Have any other tips or tricks on how you like to use the Shapeshifter Palette? Share them with us!

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