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#PixiPretties: Pixi + Tina Yong

#PixiPretties: Pixi + Tina Yong

Tones & Textures
Tina Yong is an incredible content creator known for her “Tina Tries It” series on YouTube. Exploring every makeup trend, beauty gadget and at-home treatment under the sun, her bubbly and contagious personality continues to inspire her fans to step outside their comfort zone and try new things!

When we created the Tones & Textures together for this year’s #PixiPretties Collection, we wanted this palette to embrace inclusivity with some familiar elements and everyday shades, but also included bright accents to encourage a little playfulness, too!

We spoke with Tina who shared a few tips on how she likes using her Tones & Textures palette – read on for more!

What do you love about your Tones & Textures palette?

Tina: What I love most about my palette is the variety of shades I have. There are 25 different shades with different tones and textures. I made sure to include some natural shades for everyday looks and then there are some deeper shades, some metallics and browns, that could be used for an evening look and of course we’ve got some pops of colours so we can brighten things up and have fun with it.

What’s your favourite look to create with this palette?

Tina: Definitely a smoky eye! I usually gravitate towards the warmer tones and I love adding a pop of colour on my lower lash line. There’s a pink shade here called Rosy which makes a really nice highlight shade to make my eyes pop.

What is your favourite way to use the palette?

Tina: My favourite way to use this palette is to pick three different shades to use—usually a highlight shade that’s something a bit lighter, a transition shade that’s more of a medium or matte shade and then a deeper shade. I swatch these on the back of my hand first to see if I like the colour combination before committing to my eyes.

I also like to use some of the shades for other aspects of my makeup. For example, DailyDose, a matte neutral brown, makes a really good brow powder for me. Also, Buttercup is a light peach which is a nice double up for a blush.

Tina’s Tones & Textures palette features 25 super silky, easy to blend eyeshadows in a range of finishes.

I love how Tina uses the palette. Experimenting with different ways to use a product really brings the most out of it. Here are some of the tricks I use to turn this beautiful palette into a multi-purpose must-have:

• Mix the shadows with other products to create your own bespoke formula. Try mixing a shade with a little On-the-Glow to transform it into a soft, creamy wash of colour across the lid.

• As Tina mentioned, you can use some of the shades as a brow powder. Opt for one with a matte finish like Crease, DailyDose or Depth for the most natural look. You can also create your own custom tinted brow gel by mixing these shades together with Brow Tamer before applying to brows.

• Turn your favourite eyeshadow into a liner. Spritz a liner brush with Makeup Fixing Mist before dipping into the shade of your choice. Try a deep hue like Mood for a soft, subtle liner effect or opt for a playful pop of colour like Seaside to make your eyes stand out. The options are endless!

Have any favourite tips on how you experiment with the Tones & Textures palette? Share your ideas with us!

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