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Holiday Sun Protection Essentials!

Holiday Sun Protection Essentials!

Sun Serum Sun Mist Pixi Beauty 

Now that the sun is shining brighter than ever, an effortless Pixi look isn’t complete without sun protection! 

You asked, we listened. Pixi lovelies have been curious about sun protection in our products and we’ve worked hard to develop two game changers that will surely be a part of your everyday. Lovelies, meet Sun Serum and Sun Mist

Sun Serum Sun Mist Pixi Beauty

If there’s a go-to you should pack in your bag for your getaway, it’s Sun Serum! This unique duo contains an SPF 30 serum that hydrates and protects skin from UV rays. The lightweight formula can be used before makeup application as a moisturiser, as we made sure it protects and hydrates without leaving a residue or adding greasiness! The serum also includes skin-loving Soybean oil, which helps repair sun damage. This double-duty must-have also has a protective lip balm infused with botanical oils for the ultimate lip nourishment! 

Sun Mist Pixi Beauty

Most of you lovelies have met the newest addition to our mist family, Sun Mist! Also packed with SPF 30 protection, Sun Mist is suitable for all skin types and can be misted on before and after makeup. 

One reason why I’m particularly proud of this Pixi product is that my 10-year-old son LOVES it. It’s the only SPF he’ll wear because it doesn’t leave any residue on his face & it does not sting his eyes like most others we have tried! 

For me, it’s not a Pixi product unless it’s packed with skin-loving ingredients. Sun Mist includes Chamomile extract to calm sensitive skin. Bamboo extract helps produce collagen for improved elasticity and to prevent fine lines. For that extra soothing boost, we also added Aloe leaf extract! 

Holiday Essentials Pixi Beauty

Whether you’ll be a bare-faced beauty or are planning to enhance your natural beauty with a little colour, make sure you have Sun Serum and Sun Mist at hand! 

We worked hard to perfect these sun protection essentials and we’re beyond excited that they’re here for you lovelies to enjoy during a well-deserved holiday!

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